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Combining Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

Posted by: Badrock

Some might frown on this question but im gonna ask advice on it any way, but does any one know how to mesh together a powerlifting workout with the same advantages as a bodybuilding workout as well, because im alreay strong, but i wanna have the look as well, any advice on how to make a workout so i can go about doing this?

Re: Combining Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

Posted by: Deads4life

Use the initial portions of your workouts to train the neural and latter portions of your workouts to train the metabolic. The neural (limit strength and speed-strength) side of the equation is about the heavy and/or fast movements of low reps with longer rests between sets that you''ve been doing to get strong. The metabolic aspect is about more moderate reps (8-12) with short rests (half a minute to a minute and a half) and plenty of total sets. The neural training is what you''ll need to at least maintain the strength you''ve gained. The metabolic training will ensure your muscles get adequate time under tension to force growth if accompanied by enough rest and plenty of total calories and protein. Metabolic training is more about strength-endurance. World''s Strongest Man competitors are examples of strength athletes who incorporate a lot of metabolic training alongside their neural training. They typically have high levels of muscularity rivalling even many competitive bodybuilders. That''s because of training for both _maximum tension_ and _time under tension_. The one gets you strong, the other gets you big. Training both along with getting adequate rest and nutrition is the way to get both big and strong.

Re: Combining Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

Posted by: Jason

I'm the same way. I was a body builder for years before my layoff. Now that I''m starting back I've decided to go strict powerlifting. But I will admitt that in my warm-up to my 5x5 - I get one helluva pump and it's tough to resist that urge to keep lifting lighter! If I had a suggestion for you it would be to incorporate your 8-10 rep sets into your workout as a warm-up rather than a finisher. It will cut into your strength so if you''re rolling a 5x5 you might wanna chop that down to 3x5 but do your heavy sets AFTER your body-buidling sets. The reason I say this isn't really based on anything other that instinct. When I quit my workout, I want my muscles and nervous system to remember the heavy sets. So the last thing I want to be handling is the heavy sets. You may not get stronger but you will get bigger. Depending on your routine (I'm natural so I only lift in one area once per week) Say you did power bench on Monday. I guess you could add a body builder routine bench on thursday or friday. It really depends on how quickly you recover. Then you could be getting the best of both worlds...

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