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How To Do Reverse Grip Bench Press

Posted by: Deads4life

Does anyone employ this movement for Benching enough to give a fairly *technical* breakdown of how to perform it properly or know of a place online that explains it well? Thanks.

Re: How To Do Reverse Grip Bench Press

Posted by: Jason

Back when I used to Body Build. My bench sucked so I was desperate to try anything to get my weight up. A football coach from the local high school suggested I try these. In the beginning, my aim was to target my tri's using the 5 x 5 regimine. But my bench took off so much using this technique that I completely stopped doing the standard bench press and removed it completely from my routine. As far as how to perform it? See below.

First off. You will need a spotter. Somebody strong enough to help you unrack the bar ( because the center of strength will be a little further down your chest, you''ll need someone that can heft and control heavy poundages).

The rest is quite simple. With a shoulder width reverse grip, place your hands on the bar. Have the spotter move the wieght untill it's dead center over your chest. From lockout, directly over your chest, lower the bar down and slightly below your center where you started. Touch and push the bar upwards in an arching motion towards your spotter back to the starting postion.

It's awkward as hell at first. But bar movement will come naturaly as you gain experience. Start off light. And then progress slowly.

The funny thing about this press is that once I got used to it. I could bench 15 lbs more on max with a reverse grip than I could with a normal grip.

The main thing when doing this excercise is to be CAREFULL. Because of the way you have to unrack the bar, if your spotter doesn't get it out over your chest correctly you could wind-up taking the load at the wrong angle and fail - if that happens you''ll wind up with the bar across your FACE. (You'll see what I mean once you try it.)

-Hope this helps,

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