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Different Training Methods

Posted by: Jim

What is everyone's opinion on Pete Sisco's Power Factor or Static Contraction Training? He touts it to be the most amazing thing to ever happen to powerlifting/bodybuilding. You only have to work each muscle group for a few seconds once every month or even once every six months. If it is so great, do any of you bodybuilders or powerlifters use this routine? I have tried it for a year and the whole time people that asked if I was doing steroids(I wasn't)when I was doing conventional training, before I started the routine, were asking if I had quit lifting when they saw me. I figured I must have been doing something wrong so I joined his online personal trainer for 16 dollars per month, with the same results. I tried getting assistance from their customer support but got no responses. It just seems that all the top bodybuilders and top powerlifters and world's strongest man competitors still use the "inferior" conventional training. Thanks in advance.

Re: Different Training Methods

Posted by: JohnRov

Bodybuilding and powerlifting are completely different. How is one program going to accomplish two different goals? The hypertrophy experienced by bodybuilders in which sarcoplasmic fluid causes the muscles to swell isn't the same as myofibrillar hypertrophy which occurs in powerlifters and results in an increase in contractile proteins. In other words, powerlifters aim for an increase in force output, bodybuilders look for size.

Re: Different Training Methods

Posted by: Beeroh

have tried the Pete Sisco training method, And I Did get stronger and have grown from it, I have the stretch marks to prove it. Its just so boring to do. You should see all the people in the gym making, what the hell is he doing, faces at you will you work out. I was doing a 10 sec bench with 550lbs. What I noticed from doing this was that my body would strain itself to death trying to keep the weight up. The intensity is enormous. I did this for three weeks and my bench increased 40lbs. 225 felt like 100lbs after getting used to holding 500. And my military and curl strength went up incredibly. I could only curl 115 then after 3 weeks I could easily curl and do reps with 135. Military press was a struggling 115 as well, and it changed to repping with 150. All I can say is that it works but its boring as hell.

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