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Effects Of Eating Before Bed Bodybuilding

Posted by: Jim

Many recommend a protein shake right before bedtime because we will go about 8 hours without any protein. I have also heard that one of the key moments of the day to take a protein shake is right before bedtime. Or can someone please explain to me how sleeping on an empty stomach can help anyone make gains?

Re: Effects Of Eating Before Bed Bodybuilding

Posted by: M.S.

You know, this is a point of argument for many. Some say the amino's in a shake preserve muscle if taken before bed, some say that pure protein, especially whey, right before bed is just shuttled to the liver and not really used to build with, and some say an empty stomach, especially without carbs, is optimum for GH release before bed. I try not to get too caught up in all these details, they just make you crazy. Contrary to what most people say, I eat a nice sized meal at the end of the night, two hours or so before bed. Maybee some new potatoes roasted with olive oil, and a 8 oz steak, 600 to 700 cal's. Yeah you are gonna fast for 8 or 9 hours, so I wanna go to bed with a positive amino profile, but not actually have food in my stomach. Good sleep is important, I have to really work my schedule to get 8.5 hours sleep, and I want them to be pure rest. No food to digest, even protein, no alchohal to process, etc. Just good clean rest and recovery. If you want to take something I would say some glutamine or another GH releasing amino cocktail...but even that I wonder if is necessary.

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