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Skinny But No Abs

Re: Proper Diet and Exercise for Abs

Posted by: Raul (arias70v7@yahoo.com)

hey, man what's up, concerning your abs, good news they are there, but you have to consider several factors such as what you eat, training and rest...see the abs are a bundle of fibers just like any other muscle. your food should be moderate in protein good fats and carbs with plenty of fiber the latter wont allow food to be stored in your stomach more than it needs to giving you an slimmer look through out the whole day. exercise is crucial to stimulate growth and action around your middle section, if you want bulging abs you do 8 to 10 reps with a weight that is challenging but allows you to do the reps in good form, if you just want to have a mean cut middle section than you should aim for at least 15 reps or more and do about 3 to 5 sets give some time and listen to your own body I've personally learned a lot from doing this so can you...

Re: Proper Diet and Exercise for Abs

Posted by: trainerSI (ismari@consolidated.net)

keep up what you are doing with the cardio and weight training. you havent given a specific time frame in which you have been at it or where you were at fitness wise when you started. ie...weight, fat% ect. You dont sound like you might be eating properly from what you have posted. Make sure you are getting ENOUGH calories. Aim for 5-6 small meals a day, your caloric intake should be around 1800 / day or so, depending on your size and needs Not eating enough is just as bad as eating too much and can cause you to binge at times, taking in too many calories at one time, causing your body to store it as fat. By eating small frequent meals as stated above, it will control your hunger pangs or cravings, causing your metabolism to stay boosted in the fat burning zone at all times. hope this helps

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