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High Intensity Training Workouts
Taken To A Different Dimension

Posted by: Eric

I work as a personal trainer. Lately, I have had men and women aproach me for a program to lose weight and gain muscle tone and to even gain muscle. I have been working with the High Intensity Training for a few months with different resistance levels and intensity.

What I haave noticed is that with the right diet you can gain muscle and lose weight at a fairly decent rate depending on your body type and age. I was losing about 4lbs a week and gaining 3 pounds of fat free mass every two to three weeks. I use some supplements which help in putting on muscle such as a Apex product called Methoxybolic and the GNC's 6oxo. But after a two month period of workingout with the HIT progam I started to plateau. So I started to switch it up a bit. I would do three sets on the Hammer strength Machines, One set of ten at a light weight, One set till failure with 75% of max rep and one set till failure with 85% of max rep. I would only rest 30-40 seconds between sets and keep moving through the whole circuit wich would be 10 exercises both upper and lower body. I would do this for three weeks on Mondays, Wednesdays and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I would concentrate on Cardio and Core development. Friday I would workout with aquatics exercise called aqualogix of which I am a certified instructor.

The next three weeks I would switch up the weight program with the Naut. Freedom cable machine. Working twelve upper body exercises three set with the same percentages of Max reps asthe first three weeks. I noticed that I was gettng stronger and huge in fat free mass or Muscle.

I kept the same cardio and Core development schedule as before. My weight loss was slower but not bad for a 42 year old male who's metabolism has slowed down.

The next three weeks I went to a combination of exercises using the Hammer Strength Weight loaders and free weights. With the free weights it was mostly multiple joint lift exercises much like olympic style lifting. The intensity was higher with the last two sets set at 85% of max rep till failure to 90% of max rep till failure. I then focused on my aqualogix classes as my cardio as I teach the class three times a week now. What has happened? I have lost 30lbs of fat and gained 20lbs of fat free mass in just under 10 weeks.

I have in the last 11 weeks enrolled one of my clients in a like training program. He has now lost over 50lbs and gained 10lbs of fat free mass in jus under 12 weeks.

But always remember that diet is 70% of your results in training I am not trying to just lose weight bu to gain muscle mass. Most of my clients are trying to lose weight. My recent clients calorie intake a day is 2200 calories a day. Mine is the same but again, my metabolism is lower. I have now enrolled four more clients who are women of various age. I keep the records as I refine this program.

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