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Fitness Facts

Posted by: Eric Seel, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Fitness Professional at FitClub West, Springfield Illinois.

“Just the FACTs Mam, Just the FACTs.”

The FACT s (Frequent, Active, Consistent, Training) method is one of the methods I use in strength training and cardio training for most of my clients. The average amount of training sessions per week for an individual is 2-3 times a week. But current research has shown that 3-4 training sessions per week will build more muscle mass and give the body more muscle retention along with a proper diet and nutrition. The FACT Method uses these variables to strength training along with diet and aerobic atctivity. As Detective Joe Friday would say on Dragnet, “Just the FACTs”.

1. Frequent- This is for frequent exercise whether it is the 3-5 30min.- 1hr, cardio training sessions per week to the 3-4 strength training sessions per week. The Fact is that you should not miss a day for best results.

2. Active- Don’t be lazy about your training. Be aggressive when training, and be smart. Don’t over do it and listen to your body. Be active in your training with fewer chat breaks. Active also stands for remaining focused in your training and goals. By being focused you will build the next part of the FACT acronym .

3. Consistent- Missing training sessions during the week will not increase your health benefits or weight loss. You must be consistent in your weekly training schedule. For best results train 5-6 days a week with a recovery day or two during the week. Remain Active even on your break days. Go for a walk or cycling in the park. For aggressive weight trainers be consistent with your progressions. Try more challenging exercises such as Olympic Style Weight Training or Balance and Stabilization exercises. Consistent also stands for being consistent in diet and nutrition. Eating the right combination of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats-Lipids will also increase your success.

4. Training- Using the right training phase for each stage of your progression and goals will greatly enhance your training results and enjoyment. Training whether for strength development, Sports performance and Weight loss should not be tiresome and always repetitive. Switching up your training methods will also break the plateaus that you may be stuck on. The more challenging the training the better the results. There is also specific training for each goal. A weight loss client would not be using the same training that a football player uses. And the levels of training are specific. A beginning weight trainer would not use an advanced total body lift or Olympic Style lifting work out. Someone who is beginning a Cardio workout would not start at Zone II nor would they be using a more advanced cardio machine but would start on a treadmill.

The fact is that when training you should make it a life change event that will last a lifetime and bring not only physical success but a lifetime of enjoyment and pleasure.

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