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Small Space Workout

Posted by: Bryce smallworkoutspace.com

This workout routine targets a wide range of muscles and keeps your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and has visible short-term results.


Small Space Workout Routine Exercise #1: Jog in place:

You need to get your heart rate up so start with a light jog. The amount of time you do this is entirely dependent on where you feel you are at physically. If you haven t worked out in a while try starting with one minute.

Small Space Workout Routine Exercise #2: Fast Feet:

Next, lets get those calves burning and send that heart rate even higher. Move your feet on and off the ground as fast as you can without lifting each foot very high for another minute. Make sure you don t let up so you get a good workout.

Small Space Workout Routine Exercise #3: High Knees

Run in place at a healthy pace lifting your knees as high as you can for thirty seconds. This part of the workout routine is huge. It is a great cardio workout and it hits your abductors (inner thighs) really well. I like this more than going for a run because in some ways it affords you a better work out, AND its something you can do in a small space.

Small Space Workout Routine Exercise #4: Slow High Knees

Alright, now your heart rate should be sufficiently high. Slow things down a bit by continuing the high knees exercise at a walking pace for another minute. Be sure not to allow the height of your leg lifts to get small- push yourself.

Small Space Workout Routine Exercise #5: Wide High knees

Keep moving, widen your stance, and continue at this pace lifting your knees high and wide.

Small Space Workout Routine Exercise #6: Horizontal Leg Lifts

Now turn sideways. Lean a bit in a direction of your choice, keep your knee slightly bent, and lift the leg opposite the direction you are leaning to a perpendicular position continually for thirty seconds. Switch, and do the other leg for an additional thirty seconds.

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