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From Skinny to Muscular Review

from skinny to muscular
Jonathan Perez From Skinny to Muscular

Jason Perez introducers himself as JP and he is a professional fireman who has been trying to put on muscle for over ten years without success. He said that he tried it all from supplements a mile long which he actually lists to weight training routines like squats and bench-press etc. without adding a pound of muscle to his frame.

He goes on about the many different eating patterns that he has tried without any success. He explains the 40% protein up to 65% protein diets that he has tried without success. He even goes so far as to say "WHAT You Eat is NOT That Important in Determining the Amount of Weight You Gain or Muscle You Build".

He goes on about the scam that all manufacturers of any and all supplements are pulling on the public. After explaining the way that this is done by selling "useless" supplements and powders he goes so far as to say "Why Supplements Are Worthless and Why You Shouldn't Waste Any of Your Hard-Earned Money on Them".

He talks about the fact that the FDA is not under any obligation to investigate any claims made by ant supplement. He says that the truth behind the "Medical and Scientific" studies that supposedly back-up the supplement company claims are also a huge scam and should not be taken seriously at all.

He says that if you are a skinny guy that has always been the skinny guy that he will show you exactly how to gain good quality muscle just like he did. Without taking any supplements and eating basically whatever he liked. He says that prisoners cannot select their food so why do they have muscles.

JP promises to get you results or you get your money back without taking any supplements, working out less than 2.5 hours a week and buying everything from the local grocery store (NOT some expensive supplement store) or health food store charging over-inflated prices.

Jp explains that the only way to add muscle is to get stronger and the only way to get stronger is to train correctly. His manual that he is selling online covers some major subjects that cover all the bases. From the most important eating factor, by far, in finally getting rid of your skinny body forever to the 10 Steps you need to take Master the Mind.

Jp says that in this manual that he is selling you will explain why you actually need to take a month off from all weight training several times a year and build more muscle because of it. He says that the manual goes into specific detail on what he calls Phase 1 and Phase 2 training.

He calls it the "stunning jab" and the "knock out blow" that's to be done to each muscle every time you train it, that will start a chain reaction of all of the muscle building factors required to set into motion. (And no, lifting heavy or training for strength is NOT one of them!!!). JP goes into very specific detail on exactly why all training for strength programs are completely wrong.

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