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Gakic Muscletech Data

GAKIC is an advanced technological breakthrough that can help athletes immediately ingrease strength before working out. GAKIC is unlike anything you have ever tried it represent a new scientific development in the creation of an advanced muscle-performance formula. Because of GAKIC's ability to sustain greater muscular power, it allows you to complete more explosive reps during your sets. When taken within 45 minutes of an intense workout, GAKIC's effects can be felt right away, actually during the first few sets of your exercise! This strength increase leads to greater workout intensity and muscle stimulation.

Using GAKIC before your workout produces a 10.5% increase in strength within minutes of dosing. Researchers know this, because in one clinical study, comparing GAKIC use to results seen when using a placebo, GAKIC supplementation significantly increased the total muscle work performed during intense sets of resistance training by an average of 10.5% during the first 15 minutes.

Gakic Reviews

OK, I'm usually a supplement skeptic, but wow. I haven't felt a surge like what this stuff gave me since I was juicing for football. I tried it for the first time last night. Here are my results: I did bench because I feel like I have a pretty good 'guage' of my capabilities with flat bench. Prior to last night, I had an established max of 325, which I established 2 weeks ago. So I decided to go nuts and try a lift at 335. (10 pounds over my max) and then at the last second threw on the 2-1/2s which brought the lift up to 340. Which I was able to do once. I will say that it was H-E-A-V-Y and I wasn't sure I was going to make it, but I did.

I just wanted to voice my input on Gakic..Its been about two weeks and I have taken it as prescribed on the label and it has not done a thing for me. It didnt do one thing that it claims it increase in strength no breaking through the ole sticking points...nothing, not one good point to say about this product. It didnt help me get out more reps either. I'm very disappointed-- it took a bite out of my wallet too. It may do something for someone else as the way with supplements. It would rank as the worst so far with me and I've tried a few.

I bought A bottle of gackic caps not powder today. I took it about and hour before I actually started working out (I got held up) And I noticed a real gain in strength and stamina. I would say most things went up about 10-15 pounds.

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