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Getting Ripped Without Cardio

How to get ripped without cardio

By The Guide Building Muscle While Losing Fat

This article about how to get ripped without doing any cardio exercise which has some important factors to it and they will be taken one step at a time. The long and the short of getting ripped or losing fat is something that starts and ends in the kitchen and not the gym. The first step is your carbohydrates that you eat. You need carbs to build muscle in fact you need carbs to stay alive, period.

But the quanity and quality of those carbs that you eat is totally in your control and all you have to do is make sure that you are always eating highly complex high fibre carbs. You can trick this whole process by reducing the carbs that you eat during the week and make up for it on the weekend. But eating a slice of white bread compared to brown rice are worlds apart.

The reason is that when you eat highly complex carbs which have a low Glycemic Index (GI) then it means that your digestive system as well as your liver and a long process called gluconeogenesis goes into action. It uses a lot of calories in order to complete this process and this thermogenic effect uses up a lot of calories.

If you eat most of your carbs on the weekend you force your body to use the stored fat that you have as energy without losing any water or muscle glycogen. The reason why you will be able to maintain your muscle glycogen stores is that during the week you will be eating mostly protein snacks.

If you follow a diet plan like this and you continue to train with weights you are guaranteed to lose body-fat without ever having to do cardio. It is important to make sure that you are not losing any of your precious muscle by making sure that you do not lose any strength when training. This is important even though you may feel a little weaker when you train only on protein energy.

You could have your protein meals with a bit of complex carbs like a tuna salad with some olive oil as dressing and some lemon juice added to taste. There are many variations that you can add in order to get it right for your own tastes. A simple tuna salad will use more calories to get it fully digested than the amount of calories that are in the salad.

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Getting Ripped Without Cardio

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