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Getting Ripped Workout Routine

Workout plan to get ripped

By The Guide Building Muscle While Losing Fat

This article is going to assume that you are well aware of the vital necessity to eat correctly. That means to have at least one gram of good quality protein per kilo of bodyweight. It also means that you are eating a good balance of complex carbs, healthy fats at least five times a day.

This article is about a workout routine that will get you ripped and nothing to do with your diet. You will know that putting on any muscle on your body all has to do with a simple rule of progressive resistance. This means that you need to get stronger as the stronger you are the more muscle you carry.

But in order to show this muscle you need to lose body-fat and there is without a doubt a certain way that you can train to help in getting you ripped to shreds. The first aspect of working out a training routine that will get you ripped is your frequency.

Frequency means how often you train as well as what body-parts you train. The following schedule allows you to focus on select muscle groups each day, thus enabling you to adequately overload each muscle group with more total sets.

The start is when you train on Mondays and Thursdays you will focus on your back and legs. On Tuesdays and Fridays, develop your chest and shoulders. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, target your biceps and triceps. Although you're only working out each muscle group twice per week, because of the volume of each individual workout, you will provide an adequate stimulus for muscle building.

The next aspect of the routine recommended to get you ripped is volume and that means you need to choose three or four exercises for every major muscle group that you train each day. You should do each exercise at a volume of three or four sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.

Intensity is everything when trying to get ripped so you should rest only one minute between each set. Consider super-setting your workouts. For example, on back and legs day, instead of waiting between each set, you could complete a set of a back exercise and then directly move into a set of a leg exercise, moving back and forth until all assigned sets of those two exercises are completed.

The third and final aspect of a workout to get you ripped is the exercises that you choose. It is a very good idea to periodically vary the specific exercises you complete, either every few weeks or during each workout.

Chest exercises include chest press, chest fly, dips and incline chest press.

Shoulder exercises include shoulder press, upright row, lateral raise, and front raise.

Back exercises include pull-up, lat pull-down, dumbbell row and T-bar row.

Leg exercises include squat, lunge, step-up, deadlift, hamstring curl and calf raise.

Biceps exercises include biceps curl, hammer curl and isolation curl.

Triceps exercises include triceps pushdown, overhead triceps extension and lying triceps extension.

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Getting Ripped Workout Routine

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