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High Rep Training Protocol Review

high rep training protocol
Matt Marshall's High Rep Training Protocol

Matt Marshall has released an inspiring new eBook on high rep training on what good sense it makes to train like this. Matt is a bodybuilder who has been around the block a few times and has now released a short easy to understand eBook on the enormous benefits of training with high repetitions.

Although he says in his eBook that less is more he means that training with too much volume is also going to not gain muscle. But the fascinating part of his explanation of why you should train with high reps is the studies that have been done repeatedly in proving this.

It all has to do with a little protein called Myostatin that blocks muscle growth, so it's important to train in a way that producers less myostatin. Some of the well-known studies he quotes reveal that bodybuilders training with 5 reps or less produce more myostatin than bodybuilders who train with more than 12 reps.

The study that Matt talks about was done at Baylor University where they compared athletes training 3 X week with heavy weights of 6 reps or less per set to athletes training 3 X week with high reps of 20 and more. The results were clear as the athletes doing 20 reps showed much less myostatin and more muscle growth.

Matt goes on about the advantages one gets from training with high reps that include the stopping of joint pain as well as the reduction in gym fees as this type of training can easily be done at home. Using sets of 50 or even 100 reps for one set means you don't need a lot of weight to start reaching the point of failure.

Matt describes this "new study" as old news as great bodybuilders from the old school like Serge Nubret were training like this over 50 years ago. He then goes on to explain why this type of training has never been in the main stream and was overtaken by lifting heavy.

In his opinion the reason why it never became the obvious way to gain muscle 50 years ago was because it is hard work and lifting a light weight is not good for the ego. Matt then offers the same type of training that he users to gain muscle giving a 3 times a week all the way up to an advanced 6 day split routine training one body-part per day.

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