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How to Get Swole

get swole

How to Get Swole Fast

The word swole or "buffed" are just two of the many slang words, acronyms, or abbreviations that are commonly used for being muscular or in good shape or both. The physical attraction of muscle is something that has always been part of humanity and will no doubt always be so.

To the question in the title how to get swole will mean how to put on muscle fast and not get fat at the same time so that the muscle can be seen. Unfortunately there is no magic bullet and no magic shortcut to putting on muscle fast.

But there are proven and effective techniques that have not only proven themselves to work by sports scientists but have worked for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people across the world. It is no big secret that a muscle responds to progressive resistance always has and always will.

Progressive resistance in a nutshell means that if you can lift your bodyweight or any other weight eight times on week one. Then lift ten times on week two your body will respond by increasing the amount of muscle that you carry.

Obviously this will be specific to the body-part that you are training when you are lifting that weight. For example if you can squat with 100 pounds on your first week and 120 your second week your legs will increase in the amount of muscle that they have.

But to get swole you need to eat correctly as putting on muscle without eating correctly will simply mean that you or anyone else will not be able to see this muscle increase. If you eat more than four times a day you will be speeding up your metabolism so that your system works faster.

But it is not only how many times a day you eat but what you eat as having a burger and fries four times a day will only get you fat. You need to plan your nutrition correctly and eat nutritionally balanced and nothing fried and lots of water every day in order to get swole quickly.

If you are starting training for the first time then you should start with the basics in order to get stronger. But you need to constantly be aware that your body is always adapting to the stress that you are giving it and you need to make sure that your body is always going a step farther whenever you train.

Sports science has proven many times that the only way to gain muscle is by increasing the intensity with which the muscle is attacked when you train or work out. This can only be done by always being aware of how your body is adapting to the stress of lifting more weight.

Intensity does not only mean the increasing amount of weight that is lifted but also the amount of rest you get between sets and reps. This should be a constantly changing dynamic in your workouts which applies more to advanced weight trainers/bodybuilders than beginners.

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How to Get Swole Fast

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