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Hyper FX Review

BSN Hyper FX Information

Hyper FX is the newest line of pre-workout supplement from BSN. If you want results with your daily trips to the gym to enhance your physique and develop your muscles, Hyper FX is the right food supplement to accompany you during your workout.

Athletes, body builders and active persons are in for a great treat with Hyper FX. It promotes focus and mental alertness, reduces muscular fatigue and enhances power and endurance for optimum performance while working out, playing or competing.

BSN Hyper FX is a dietary supplement that helps boost energy and power that comes in a powder form. It is a pre-workout supplement to enhance physical abilities to perform beyond the body's limits. Hyper FX is a new product of BSN that guarantees quality performance of the body during workout or training.

Hyper FX Ingredients

Beta-Alanine Beta - Alanine is the main ingredient of Hyper FX. It is known in promoting strength and endurance. It promotes muscle stamina to overcome physical fatigue. It is also found in the meats that you eat such as beef pork and chicken.

Taurine Like any other vitamins or food supplement, Taurine is always included due to its natural presence in the body particularly in your body's Type II muscle fibers. It enhances muscle mass, strength, power and reduces the muscle damage during exercise or workouts. It is also found in dairy products, meat and egg

Caffeine Caffeine is a stimulant commonly used to keep you awake. It is also used for mental alertness, as a drug for pain relief. It can also boost power and energy.

Hyper FX Side Effects

The possible side effects of Hyper FX is a slight burning sensation in the stomach since it is recommended to take the pre-workout supplement on an empty stomach. You may also experience sweating and itching.

BSN Hyper FX is recommended to active persons without any health problems or complications. The pre-workout supplement guarantees good results with proper diet and quality workout.

Hyper FX is NOT RECOMMENDED for persons with pre-existing medical problems such as high blood pressure and insomnia to name a few or taking any medications due to illnesses such as blood pressure maintenance pills. Persons under the age of 18 or over 50, women that are pregnant and nursing mothers and persons that have existing allergies with the main ingredients of Hyper FX.

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BSN Hyper FX Reviews

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