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Improve Bench Press

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Best Way to Improve Bench Press Max

If you want to improve the maximum that you can bench then you need to take a close look at exactly where you are the weakest on the movement. The info on where you are weakest when you are trying to lift your maximum weight will tell you exactly what needs to be done to break through that plateau.

For example there is a big difference between failing when you start out with the bar near your chest as failing when you are trying to reach lockout. The first problem mentioned was the start of the bench when the bar is against your chest.

If this is the weakest link in your movement and you are able to complete the movement without hassle if your spotter gets you through the first starting phase. Then your problem is your chest and you need to do some extra work on isolating your chest for example reverse grip bench press but there are others.

If your problem is locking out and/or reaching the end of the movement then your problem is triceps and you need to take care of that. The best way to start is by changing your routine and train triceps and biceps on the same day so that you attack your triceps when they are fresh.

There are many different triceps movements that will specifically isolate different parts of your triceps. But probably the most effective way to improve the strength of your triceps is by doing close grip bench. You will see that you can use a heavy weight with this movement and you will get strong quickly.

Your sets and reps are also important when trying to increase the bench press max that you are getting to. For example pyramids are certainly the best way to achieve strength gains where you are getting to the point of failure and beyond by the sheer intensity of your workout.

Lastly doing negatives has been proven to be very effective and still works wonders when trying to break through that dreaded plateau. You could get your spotter to simply push down on the bar as you lower it to your chest once you have reached the point of failure on the concentric move.

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Improve Bench Press

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