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Meat Calorie Chart

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How many calories are in deli, lunch and other meats? See our meat calories counting list below:

Bacon, 1 slice, 20/lb.                                    36
Beef bologna, 1 slice, 1 oz.                              89
Beef salami, 1 slice, 0.8 oz.                             58
Beef stew, 8 oz.--Dinty Moore                            220
Beef, chuck roast, 4 oz., lean                           265
Beef, flank steak, 4 oz., broiled                        288
Beef, ground, cooked, 4 oz., extra lean                  288
Beef, ground, cooked, 4 oz., regular                     347
Beef, ground, raw, 4 oz., extra lean                     265
Beef, ground, raw, 4 oz., lean                           298
Beef, ground, raw, 4 oz., regular                        351
Beef, porterhouse steak, 4 oz., broiled                  247
Beef, round roast, 4 oz., lean                           208
Beef, sirloin steak, 4 oz., broiled                      240
Beef, T-bone steak, 4 oz., broiled, lean                 243
Breakfast sausage, link, 1 link, 1 oz. raw                48
Breakfast sausage, patty, 1 patty, 3 7/8  in.            100
Chili con carne, 15 1/2 oz. can                          572
Corned beef brisket, 4 oz.                               284
Corned beef, canned, 1 oz.                                71
Country ham, 4 oz., lean                                 220
Ham, canned, 4 oz., unheated                             164
Ham, cooked smoked, 1 slice--Oscar Mayer                  20
Ham, extra lean, 4 oz.                                   164
Ham, picnic, 4 oz.                                       177
Ham, regular, 4 oz., lean                                201
Ham, sliced, 1 slice, 1 oz.                               52
Hot dog, beef, 1 hot dog, 8 per pound                    184
Hot dog, pork and beef, 1 hot dog, 8 per pound           183
Italian sausage, 1 link, 1/4 pound                       268
Little smoked sausage, 1 link                             43
Liverwurst, 1 oz.                                         93
Luncheon meat, beef, 1 slice, 1 oz.                       87
Peppered sandwich loaf, pork, beef, 1 slice, 1 oz.        42
Pepperoni, 1 oz., 14 slices, Hormel                      140
Pork and beans, 1 cup                                    311
Pork and beans, 1 can, 20 oz.                            692
Pork center rib, 1 chop, 3 oz., pan-fried                219
Pork loin roast, 4 oz., lean                             268
Pork spareribs, 4 oz., braised                           451
Pork, Boston butt roast, 4 oz., lean                     291
Pork, loin chop, trimmed, broiled, 1 3 oz. chop          294
Ravioli, Mini, Chef Boyardee, 1 can                      420
Spam, 2 oz.                                              170
Venison, 4 oz., lean                                     143
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