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NanoStim Review

MuscleTech NanoStim

Nanostim is a pre-workout supplement produced by Muscletech. This product claims to improve your training experience by decreasing muscle fatigue. By increasing levels of nitric oxide in the blood Nanostim stops muscles from becoming tired so quickly, therefore improving overall endurance and resulting in superior muscle pumps.

NanoStim Ingredients

Muscletech prides itself on producing this quality supplement, free from unnecessary fillers and potentially harmful ingredients.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 2 caplets
Calcium 150.00mg (15%)
L-Citrulline 1500.00mg
Quercetin 100.00mg
Yohimbine Extract 31.30mg (Supplying yohimbine and rauwolscine)
Huperzine-A 50.00mg

Muscletech claims that the Nanostim supplement can improve your workout performance in three ways. Firstly, by delivering superior muscle pumps. L-citrulline and quercetin stimulate the production of nitric oxide which results in improved muscle performance, increased endurance and a reduction in muscle fatigue.

Yohimbine extract provides the second benefit of Nanostim, improved vascularity. Both the yohimbine and rauwolscine found within the yohimbine extract serve to block alpha-2 receptors and improve blood flow.

Increased focus is the third benefit of Nanostim. Huperzine-A is used to increase acetylcholine levels in the body which leads to an increase in focus. It does this by blocking the enzyme responsible for decreasing acetylcholine levels.

Dosage and Instructions:
Two rapid-release caplets should be taken thirty minutes before exercise. If taken on an empty stomach this should be enough time for the ingredients to be absorbed and to guarantee optimum results. If taken on a full stomach this time should be increased to forty-five minutes.

If the desired results are not experienced the dosage can be increased to three or four caplets. Four caplets per day is considered the maxiumum dose.

NanoStim Side Effects

When taken as directed there seems to be no known side effects to Nanostim. Again, the manufactuers guarantee the use of quality ingredients and provide a full disclosure of those ingredients.

NanoStim Results

The benefits of Nanostim have not been scientifically proven and, in fact, the product has failed several laboratory tests. There are, however, many positive user reviews which support the manufacturers claims for the supplement. Many users claim to have experienced an increase in muscle pumps, energy and mental focus after taking the product.

Although the claims of Nanostim have yet to be scientically proven, it seens to be a quality supplement, free from undisclosed, and potentially harmful, ingredients.

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MuscleTech NanoStim Reviews

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