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     Fitness Tips For 10/2/2013

Vince Gironda 6x6 routine

vince gironda 6x6 routine Vince Gironda was always someone who was willing to experiment and learn from what others were doing and getting results. He became widely known for his idea that training 6 sets of 6 reps each while resting as little as only 15 seconds between sets grows muscle fast. It was only 30 years later when sports science was able to test the validity of this theory using the now well proven fact of the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) method. Getting results from this type of training comes from persistence and NOT using momentum when doing these movements. It is important to note here that when doing the 6 x 6 training system you should be using exactly the same weight when doing these sets. This may sound like it is not getting you stronger but you need to know that hypertrophy will be achieved because of cumulative fatigue and not only because the load you can lift. This is important as the selection of the correct weight to use when training the 6 X 6 method is obviously an important key to achieving success with this system of training. The objective is to increase the weight when you do the next workout. When training using the 6 X 6 method then you need to always make sure that your rest intervals should also remain the same during the whole exercise. It is best to first select a specific rest interval before you start. So if you decide to rest 30 seconds between your sets, then stick to it so that you can monitor your progress correctly. If you are training your whole body three times a week then your workout would look something like this:

6 sets of 6 reps workout

Barbell Bench-press 6 X 6 D/B flies 6 X 6 Military Press 6 X 6 Upright Rowing 6 X 6 Squats 6 X 6 D/B Lunges 6 X 6 Deadlift 6 X 6 One-arm D/B rows 6 X 6 If you were training anything more than three times a week then you would do a split routine where you would be training chest, shoulders and triceps on one day and legs back and biceps on the second day. You would then have a one day break after two days and start again. Note: For more information on go to Vince Gironda Training Secrets Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Vince Gironda 6x6 routine

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