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     Fitness Tips For 7/20/2011

Abdominal and Lower Back Exercises

The importance of lower back and abdominal training. 

I used to read articles on abdominal training that stated that an
individual who deadlifted over 500 pounds had no need for abdominal
work. I thought these individuals were crazy. However, after years of
working abdominals, I drifted away from direct abdominal training 
figuring that I'd get that "indirect stimulation." What I have 
discovered is that I might not have been so far off the mark after 
all. Most lifters will tell you that accessory work in the form of 
direct abdominal and lower back training is beneficial. This sort of
work carries over to your squats and deadlifts and when these lifts 
go up so does your muscle. 

A chain really is as strong as its weakest link. Imagine all the 
muscles that are involved in the squat as workers. Pretend that every
squat you do is an effort of all the workers. Let's say that one of 
the workers is not doing their job. The lazy slob is slacking off 
with his or her feet kicked up while the other workers are picking up
his or her slack. That's how your muscles work in a compound 
exercise. The proportionately stronger muscles always do extra work 
to make up for the weaker muscle.

One thing I have noticed as of recent months is that squats would
always result in soreness in my lower back. I was leaning over more
than ever. My under trained spinal erectors would fold under the 
weight and my abdominal area was weak. My hamstrings also needed some

I looked through some of my old training journals and sure enough; I
was doing both good mornings, side bends and abdominal work when I 
was at my strongest on both the deadlift AND the squat.

Some people benefit from indirect training. I'm not one of these 
lucky types. I get my best gains when I hit a body part by means of
a compound exercise and an isolation exercise or two. I've since 
added good mornings and abdominal work since then and the results 
have been excellent.

Do this sequence when you have finished your squatting and/or 


1 or 2 sets of Good Mornings
Weighted Crunches 1 set
(When you can do 10 repetitions with a weight, add 5 pounds. Or 
course this requires the use of dumbbells)

Intermediates and Advanced Trainers

Good Mornings 3 sets of 3 to 5 repetitions
Straight-Leg Hanging Leg Raises with a dumbbell between your legs at
your feet - 2 sets of ten repetitions
Weighted Crunches 1 set of 20 repetitions
Side Bends 3 sets of 10 repetitions

If you feel that side bends are the most important of these exercises
then do them first and follow with the others. I only give 
suggestions. Tailor these ideas for your own benefit. There are many
variations to good mornings. You can do them with a bend in your 
legs. The placement of the bar will be a little lower than where you
place it when you squat. This hits the hamstrings, erectors and glute
muscles. Keep the back arched. You can do good mornings with straight 
legs, which hit the same area and helps in keeping an arch when 
squatting. You can also do seated good mornings. There are many 
variations of good mornings.

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Abdominal and Lower Back Exercises

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