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     Fitness Tips For 12/14/2016

Adding Reps vs Adding Weight

By Oliver Wolter creator of X-Size Workout Software Conventional advice in weight training is to progress using "Double Progression". The idea is that you might start off doing say, 10 reps in an exercise. Over the course of a couple of sessions you progress to doing maybe 12 reps. Once you can manage that, you add more weight to the bar and start to progress again. Sounds simple in theory doesn't it! The problem is that those "extra reps" can sometimes be very, very hard to get. Lets do some simple sums and see where the problem is: Imagine a trainee currently Bench Pressing 220lbsx8 and trying to get to 9. In other words just 1 more rep. Now 220x8, projects a maximum single of about 261lbs. But 220x9, projects a maximum single of about 268lbs. In other words, if this trainee had achieved 8 reps last time, to get the extra rep in this session, they would have needed to have added about 7lbs to their strength between sessions! Now that does happen from time to time, but is the exception rather than the norm. Think how much he would be expecting of himself, if he anticipated getting 10 or 12 reps in a reasonable time frame! But you can see what has happened: A small percentage increase in strength corresponds to a big increase in the number of pounds an athlete is required to lift, in order to gain. BUT here's the good news: Imagine if the athlete decided to try and improve using Single Progression instead? Single Progression simply means that you add weight to the bar rather than trying for more reps. So, assuming he has access to two, small 1.25lb plates (i.e. he puts an extra 2.5lbs on the bar). What happens then? 220x8, projects a maximum single of about 261lbs 222.5x8, projects a maximum single of about 264lbs In other words just a 3lb increase. Now it is much more likely that an athlete can gain 3lb between sessions than 7lb.An athlete using single progression can add small amounts of weight regularly, which rapidly build up to huge quantities. That in turn means masses of muscle. This is the technique used by most of the Worlds top Weightlifters and Powerlifters. If you look at their programs in a Magazine like Powerlifting USA, you will see that their cycles are built on a weekly increase in weight on their major lifts. They are not attempting to add reps weekly...just weight. Now this is not to say that trying to get "1 more rep" is bad or wrong. It certainly isn't. It's just that it is easier to gain as you become more advanced by using Single Progression and not by adding reps. In the example above, we assumed that the athlete has access to 1.25lb discs. It would be even better if he had access to some sets of big washers that add only 1/2 to 1 pound at a time. Once you have used the X-Size system for a few weeks you will quickly realize that the gains you have made far exceed anything you have ever achieved before. X-Size is more than another Training System - it's a software with an build in A.I. (artificial intelligence). It perfectly adapts to anyone's needs. With this system you can build muscle 312% faster than ever before. And right now we are offering it for a discounted price. Go to X-Size Bodybuilding Workout Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Adding Reps vs Adding Weight

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