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     Fitness Tips For For 4/7/2010

Aerobic Exercise Intensity

How do I know if I'm working at the correct intensity?

Everybody has their own individual level that they should 
be working at. Two methods of judging aerobic workout 
intensity are listed below.

Talk Test - This is the old standby. If a person can talk
with uninterrupted speech then he/she is not working too 
intensely (for normal, healthy individuals).

Rate of Perceived Exertion - This method uses the 
subjective method of rating the effort level of aerobic 
work on a scale of 1 (least effort) through 10 (most 
effort). According to the American College of Sports 
Medicine states that cardiorespiratory training effects 
are acheived at rating levels of 4 (somewhat strong) - 5 
(strong). This is a better judge of the correct work 
level than using a target heart rate for those 
individuals who have been very inactive and/or 
individuals that are on medications that effect their 
heart rate response.

no effort - 0

very weak - 1

weak - 2

moderate - 3

somewhat strong - 4

strong - 5


very strong - 7



very, very strong - 10

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Aerobic Exercise Intensity

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