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     Fitness Tips For 7/31/2013

Sound Mind and Sound Body

Ancient Greek mind and body development

The value of physical training and education is something that seems
to be constantly changing as we go from one culture or era to 
another. The value of physical education in the ancient Greek and 
Roman eras was something that was part of society and part of the 

Some civilizations use the practice of physical education to prepare
for war, some for profit, and some for a general all-around 
development. Three ancient cultures are of particular importance to 
development of physical education. The Athenian Greeks, the Spartan 
Greeks, and the Romans each had their own beliefs about the mind, 
body and spirit.

While these early civilizations valued physical development to 
varying degrees, they are all worthy of examination within a sport 
and physical education context. For example in ancient Athens, the 
all-around citizen was valued. To the Athenians, physical education 
was necessary to achieve all-around mental, moral, and physical 

This was personified with the Greek Gods or the 12 main gods of the
Olympic Council who all possessed superior intellectual and physical
capabilities, such as strength, endurance, agility, and bravery. 
They personified the Greek Ideal, which emphasized the unity of the
"action" with "wisdom".

The Greek Ideal became the Athenian Ideal as this city-state sought
to provide an educational system that encouraged youth to develop 
their physical and mental abilities. The youth improved their 
physical prowess in order to prepare for war and also to depict 
the aesthetic beauty of the body. In Athenian society, the idyllic
body was harmoniously proportioned, alert, and physically fit for 
both civil and military duties.

The great philosophers of Greece were always on about the importance
of the soul, mind and body connection and how the importance of 
physical fitness was a primary factor in dealing with life in 
general. It tells us a lot about where we come from and why we have
survived like we did.

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Sound Mind and Sound Body

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