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     Fitness Tips For 6/15/2011

Are Potatoes Good or Bad

Potato Panic 
by Dwayne Hines

Have you noticed the attack on potatoes in the press? Potatoes even
made the front page of the Wall Street Journal recently. The story is
the move by the Department of Agriculture to eliminate the potato 
from school breakfasts – at least federally subsidized breakfasts. 
And they are also going to be largely removed from lunch menus as 

All of this concern about getting the potato off the menus begs the 
question – what is wrong with the potato? Is it some nefarious food 
element that will drastically harm children? Should you also avoid 
the potato like the plague?  

It turns out the basis for the issue, according to the Wall Street 
Journal, is the Institute of Medicine’s decision that people are 
getting too much potato intake and not enough of other vegetables. 

Part of the concern that people have is the carbohydrate content of 
the potato. However, that concern is really a misunderstanding about 
starch. It turns out that potatoes and other complex carbs contain 
what is called resistant starch.  An interesting article notes the 
benefits of: "(beans contain) resistant starch, an ab-fat fighter 
that's also found in potatoes, bananas, and corn. Resistant starch 
does not turn to sugar like most other carbs; instead, it passes 
through the body undigested, acting like a fiber, explains Keri 
Gans, R.D., a registered dietitian in New York City and member of 
the American Dietetic Association. She suggests adding chickpeas or 
kidney beans to your salad - even bean dip will do the trick (yum!)."

So the idea of all the starch in potato contributing to problems in
the body is erroneous. Resistant starch is like fiber and acts to 
help keep your body trim, not fat. Complex carb foods such as the 
potato, bean, or corn are super. Problems only occur when they are 
highly processed and the good elements are removed. It's okay to 
enjoy a potato now and then – you won't fall apart. And what about 
mashed potatoes? Go with a "skins on' approach. 

Dwayne Hines is the author of "The Growth Zone" – a new approach to 
building mass muscle fast. See

And "Conditioning for Fighting" – a mixed training approach for those 
who want to improve their fight conditioning. See


We all know what is going on. If potatoes was this bad (unless deep
fried) how come people are some how health from our age going back 
IN TIME? Probably, is one of those conspiracy created by a 
biochemical food and drug industry, to make people eating more of 
those crap seeds and vegetables called transgenic. The governament 
does not love YOU readers, they all love your money, they must cut 
off all alcoholl and smoke industries, and transgenic food, wich 
make´people really ill.


Good info. on the potato. Most if not all of the information that's 
distributed by the main stream media is usually half-truths or 
outright lies about everything. If they say the sky is blue. At this
day and time I would assume it was green if I couldn't see or discern 
the truth for myself.


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Are Potatoes Good or Bad

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