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     Fitness Tips For For 12/11/2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger Back Workout Routine

"I'll Be Back!"
Arnold Achwarzenegger 

Arnold won five Mr. Universe titles, seven times Mr. Olympia, along 
with Mr. Europe, Mr. International and Mr. World. At his peak he 
was 6 feet 2 inches tall and 240 pounds of hard and cut muscle. 

Along with his biceps, Arnold was also famous wide and thick back. 
How can you build a back like Arnold's? You won't like the answer 
if you are lazy, because it takes years of consistent hard work. 
Few people train as hard as Arnold did and that's the reason why 
Arnold Schwarzenegger is still one of the greatest bodybuilders
of all time. Are you up the the challenge of this Arnold 
Schwarzenegger back routine? 

Start with your traps, by doing 3 to 5 sets of upright rows. Hold 
the bar for a count of 2 at the chin while flexing your upper back 
before lowering back to the starting position. 

Next do 3 to 5 sets of heavy shrugs with either a pair of dumbells 
or a barbell, pulling your shoulders back as well as up. That's it 
for your traps.

Start your lat work with 3 to 5 sets of wide grip chin behind neck. 
This secret chinning for lat width is to stretch at the bottom and 
allow the lats to pull your Scapula out. 
Next do chins to the front of the neck. The first style of chinning 
hits primarily the upper lats, while front chins tend to work the 
lower lats more. As mentioned, chinning is primarily for lat width,
and it will give you "wings" in your upper back. 

Next you should work on you back thickness buy doing 3 to 5 sets of 
dumbell bentover  rowing. Rest one hand on a bench for support and 
extend back the same leg as is on your working hand side. This leg 
back position creates a greater stretch in your lats.

Next do 3 to 5 sets of barbell bentover rowing with various grips 
from narrow to wide. Be sure your knees are slightly unlocked to 
prevent unnecessary lower back strain. 

Your final lat exercise should be 3 to 5 sets of seated cable 

All that's left now is to train your erector spinae or lower 
back muscles. Do 3 to 5 sets of stiff leg deadlifts while 
standing on a bench so you can stretch down lower and work 
your lower back muscles to the fullest. 

Finish with 3 to 5 sets of hyperextensions, be sure to arch up 
as much as you can.

This is an advanced back routine and is not for beginners or even 
intermediates. If you are not an advanced trainee doing the the 
full workout would only lead to overtraining and no progress, 
but a reduced schedule will build a great back! 

To see Arnold Schwarzenegger at his best and doing his
workout routines see the Pumping Iron video at
Arnold Schwarzenegger Pumping Iron

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