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     Fitness Tips For 1/21/2015

Your Attitude Towards Health and Fitness

Why is attitude important in maintaining health and fitness. We have all heard more than once that it is not what happens to you but how you handle it that will indicate your success in life generally, but also to your health and fitness objectives. It is all about the general attitude that you have to life that will keep you in good health. Scientists have studied this and have discovered that the healing created by a positive mental attitude go beyond any scientific explanation. There are clinics across the world that will tell you aboput unexplained cures coming from the most desperate of incurable diseases. More often than not these unexplainable cures are part of a personality who refused to give up and always had a positive mental attitude. The same goes with health and fitness, as exercising is a self-perpetuating activity. When you exercise on a regular basis you are somehow able to motivate yourself to continue to exercise on a regular basis. The converse is just as true as you more than likely know of someone who for whatever reason sits at home watching TV and eating junk food and just gets fatter and more unfit every day. Similar to over sleeping as the more you sleep the more you need to sleep and you the cycle is only going to get worse. When anyone has the impetus to get out on the road and start exercising or go to the gym and start training they are starting a process of developing a positive attitude to life that will infect everything they do and say. The daily challenge of living life is made easier when we have a healthy body to help us deal with it. But getting a healthy body comes from activity and that activity that we need will only start when we develop the correct attitude about ourselves and our life that we are leading. It starts with the small things in life and the way that we prepare our meals for the day or the way that we brush our teeth in the morning. Our attitude to our own personal health and fitness starts and ends with our mindset that we have about the reason we want to punish ourselves by going to the gym in the first place. Success at anything does not come by accident, it comes from the attitude that we had before we started. Editors note: For more information on developing a positive attitude read the book Dianetics. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Your Attitude Towards Health and Fitness

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