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     Fitness Tips For For 3/23/2011

Bodybuilding for Baby Boomers

by Paul Becker

I have been lifting weights since I was 16 years old, and now that I
am quickly approaching 50 I'd like to share some of my thoughts on 
bodybuilding for baby boomers. I also happen to think the tips below 
are good advice for anyone old or young.

Don't do exercises that bother your joints or tendons, find a 
substitute exercise that works better for you. For example, after I 
turned 40 the barbell bench press irritated my shoulders too much, 
but I can do the dumbbell bench press and dips with no problems.

Work the muscle rather then just moving a heavy weight from point A 
to point B. There is no reason to impress anyone by trying to lift 
more then you can in good form, lighten the weight up and bit and 
really feel the muscle as you use slower perfect reps, you will 
actually build more muscle this way.

Strive to get leaner muscle rather then bulking up. Not only is it 
healthier but it looks better. A much smaller physique that is 
ripped always looks better then a bigger but smoother body. A very 
wise trainer once told me "If you lose 20 lbs and get ripped, when 
you take your shirt off people with think you gained 20 pounds 
because you will look more muscular".

You don't get leaner by doing high reps that is a myth. It is done
by changing the way you eat, not only eating less but also by 
avoiding the foods that cause your body to store fat such as sugar, 
wheat, grains and milk products. Stick to lean proteins such as egg 
whites, chicken, turkey and fish along with plenty of fresh raw 
vegetables and fruits. Not only is this a healthy way to eat but you
will also get leaner without starving yourself.

Be sure to do some form of cardio exercise such as power walking, 
swimming, bike riding or every circuit training or just by resting 
less between sets this will up your metabolism and keep your heart 

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Bodybuilding for Baby Boomers

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