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     Fitness Tips For 12/21/2011

Intensity and Bodybuilding

By Oliver Wolter, inventor of The X-Size Program
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Intensity is the most important factor responsible for triggering 
muscular adaptation.

There are many factors that can be manipulated in resistance training
such as, volume, frequency, and the time that a muscle is under 
tension. However, the most important factor is the intensity of the
exercise. Intensity was defined by Arthur Jones as "possible 
momentary muscular effort exerted". It doesn't matter if you have 
discovered the most powerful steroid or have the best equipment, 
if you do not train with a sufficient level of intensity to cause 
an adaptation, you will not adapt.

One of the best analogies that I have ever heard is explained by Mike 
Mentzer. He points out that one can stand in front of a 60-Watt Light 
bulb for hours and never tan. What is required to achieve a tan is a 
brief amount of exposure time to a higher intensity stimulus, such as
the sun or a tanning booth. 

Often advocates of sub failure training claim that training to 
failure is not a requirement to stimulate growth; that training to 
failure creates to great of an inroad (overtraining) and hampers 
results in a few hardgainers. They are correct, training to failure 
is not necessary to stimulate growth, however, they fail to realize 
that the goal of the resistance trainer is to disrupt homeostasis. 
Because your strength potential is limited, there will have to be a 
point where you train to failure. Eventually somewhere, sometime, 
someplace, you must train to failure, or, never progress, just as any
athlete must push themselves to their limit to succeed. To clear up 
any confusion, I am not suggesting that sub failure training is a 
waste of time. Sub failure training does have its place among 
bodybuilders. However, your goal should be to train with a high 
intensity. It's not an option; it's a must if one is to continue to 

How To Increase Your Workout Intensity

The following are the three ways you can increase the intensity of
your workouts:

1) Increase the poundage you use.

2) Increase the amount of reps you do.

3) Decrease the time you rest between sets.

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Intensity and Bodybuilding

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