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     Fitness Tips For 6/4/2014

Sprinting Workouts for Bodybuilding

Like weight training, sprinting is a high reward/return exercise. It involves the anaerobic system at the highest level of output - which is tough. But it also provides the quickest and most impressive gains. And being able to sprint translates into a body in the ultimate condition. Sprinting, like weightlifting, benefits from a good warm-up period. Start off with a hard sprint and you may injure yourself, such as pulling a hamstring. Instead, ease our body into the all out sprinting routine by a step-up process. Sprint coach Phil Campbell has a great way to graduate into full sprints. Start your first sprint off at just 50 percent of your maximum sprint speed. From here, perform your next sprint at 65 percent full speed levels, and the third sprint at 75 percent effort. By stepping up your sprint output a bit each sprint you help the body get ready for the hard core all-out sprints to follow. Finish the workout off with several of these hard core sprints. When you sprint, Campbell notes it is best to gradually move up into the upright position instead of immediately popping up. He points out that this is like the rise of an airplane - at an angle. That angle is also better for the sprinter. So start low, stay low, and gradually come up into the upright position. For propelling your body forward as fast as possible, look to the arms - specifically, the elbows. The faster you pump your elbows, the faster a sprint groove you will get into. So don't think that great sprinting is just about the legs (and the legs do play the majority role for power output) but also bring in the arms to generate that past pumping action of all of your limbs. Fast elbow action really enhances your speed output. As you get into the upright position and start pumping away, relax a bit. You can get too tight. Run fast, but donít run super hard. Relaxed running helps you get into that groove of breathing, pumping the arms and moving quickly without excess strain. How do you know if you are there? Your face will tell you - is it relaxed or strained? Sprint training is fantastic for building the power center of the body. Most sprinters are in incredible condition and you will be too if you sprint. And if you sprint, sprint with power. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Sprinting Workouts for Bodybuilding

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