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Most People Fail To Work 50% of Their Muscle Tissue!

Did you know that even bodybuilders neglect half the 
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It doesn't take rocket science to build bigger muscles.  
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     Fitness Tips For 8/20/2014

How to Train the Right Way

Training is a big part of bodybuilding success or failure. Yes, eating and sleeping help you recover from training, but what you do in the gym is what determines how much muscle you put on the body, so the training is the vital catalyst for muscle building. It may amaze you, but successful training comes down to just two elements. In fact these two elements determine the success or failure of most endeavors business, sports, etc. And they apply to fitness as well. Put these two factors into play in your training and your body will burst with muscle. Execution The first key factor for training success is execution. Execute and you are halfway home. What is execution? Execution is knowing what to do, and doing it. It's that simple. You have to know what to do otherwise your effort is not effective. And then you have to do it. Knowledge isn't useful until you practice it. So you need to know what to do in the gym, and then you need to follow through and do it. How do you know what to do? By digging into the top training manuals. One way to know what to do is to become an expert at the various training philosophies. You can do so by reading the books of Vince Gironda, Mike Mentzer, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Get the DVD or book on "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe and watch the full series. Pick up some training material by Books Kubrik and get the power perspective. Dig in mentally so that you will know how to dig in physically. Get all the little nuances down so that you can execute flawlessly. Good form is important. So too is the determination to push through a full workout of excellently executed exercises. That's how you force the body to grow. Passion The other key element for training success is passion. Passion is the power, the pop, the excitement in execution. Passion is intensity. Passion is the power to fully engage in whatever you are doing. Passion makes a huge difference. Certainly you know people who are passionate about various things and they bring an excitement and joy to what they do. When you bring passion, you get an extra, intangible push to whatever you do. And that holds true for bodybuilding. The people who are passionate about their physique have a lot more to work with than those who are flat. Passion is being "up", not down. When people go to the gym, their emotions are either up, flat or down. You want to be passionate about your training because that passion elevates the training, lifting you to the next level of development. Passion makes the training much more smooth than it would be without it. Passion helps you put intensity into not only the first set of the workout but also the final few sets. Many people believe training success is difficult. Indeed, the training is tough, but the bottom line for training success is very simple - execution and passion. Execute with passion. When you have passion and execution working together you generate incredible synergies and your training is unbeatable. You get the maximum possible potential out of your physique. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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How to Train the Right Way

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