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     Fitness Tips For 7/17/2013

How to Get a Wide V Shaped Back

Build a Super Wide V Back

When it comes to your upper torso, you want to be as wide as 
possible. A wide upper body makes the waist, hips and glutes look
smaller, and in general, the "V" shape that a wider upper torso 
creates just looks good. The shoulders, particularly the side 
deltoids, help create a wider upper torso, and so too does the 
lats. Building up these areas will in turn create the "V" shape 
in your own body. 
One of the best exercises for building up a "V" shape is the 
sternum chin up. This unique chin up was promoted by Vince Gironda.
It can be performed with either a wide over grip (palms facing in,
hands well beyond shoulder width) or a moderate undergrip (palms 
facing in toward your body). You pull your body up to a point where
your sternum touches the bar. As you bring your chest up toward the 
bar, tilt your head backwards as far as possible.  This tilt will 
assist you in getting the body up into the right position. 

Once you are up at the top end of the chin up your body will be 
headed toward parallel with the floor (you won't quite get there 
but can come close). This movement has been titled the "king of 
upper back exercises" and nothing is as challenging for building 
width. To make it even more challenging, move at a moderate to 
slow pace.

This chin up style is so effective because it provides the widest 
range of motion possible. Don't ruin the effect by cheating on the
bottom half - go all the way down to a point where your arms are 
fully extended before coming back upward again.

If you do master this move, and that is saying a lot, you can make
one more adjustment to make it even more productive - perform it 
while wearing a weighted vest. A few sets of the sternum chin up 
will give your upper, outer back area an incredible jolt, and 
force it to grow super wide in response.  

How many sets and repetitions? Start off with just 2-3 sets of as
many repetitions as you can perform in good style, then gradually
build up to five sets per workout, and try to get into the double 
digit range for repetitions. Once you start using this extreme wide
range your back should start to become notably wider and more 
muscular. Your waist will benefit as well as your core muscles 
engage during the chin up. Try some sternum chin ups the next time
you work your back and enhance your V shape. 

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How to Get a Wide V Shaped Back

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