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     Fitness Tips For For 5/4/2011

Building a Home Gym

Exercising at home has many advantages over joining a gym ? it
means we save money by investing in equipment rather than wasting 
money on a membership every month or every time we go (not to mention
the joining fee, induction fee, cancelation fee?); it means we can 
exercise in privacy without feeling embarrassed with others watching 
or having to queue for equipment; and it means we can do it far more 
quickly and easily with no need to travel and waste gas and time 
or get wet if it's raining. In other words then, putting some time 
and money in now to developing a home training set up will greatly 
benefit you in the long run. But what exactly do you need to 

Well the first thing you'll need is some dumbbells. The reason for 
this is the sheer range of movements they can provide as well as the 
fact that it?s very hard to train your biceps without them. As well 
as curls though, they?ll also help you with dumbbell raises 
(obviously), lateral raises, rows, shoulder presses, chest presses, 
pullovers, wrist curls, squats, lunges, calf raises and pec flies. 
Make sure you get adjustable ones though so that you can change the 
weight depending on the exercise and as you progress. If you get 
long ones you can then add to this ? I use two lots on one set of 
dumbbells giving me the option to go 40kg if necessary. Alternatively 
I can do 5kg and do some wrist curls.

Another incredibly versatile piece of equipment is the pull up bar. 
These are very cheap and can fit into any door frame. From there you 
can then do pull ups, chin ups, supine pull ups, upside-down sit ups, 
leg raises and frog kicks as well as all manner of variations on 
these (one armed pull ups, rocking pull ups, etc etc). 

This list is being compiled in the rough order that you?ll want to 
use the equipment, and if you?re starting out then just the two items
above will be just fine for the first year perhaps. In fact just 
the dumbbells would be fine but there just really isn't any reason to
neglect the pull up bar as it's so cheap and practical ? it will 
really help you to keep your exercise sessions varied.

Something else you?ll need right from the beginning however is space. 
This might seem obvious, but a lot of rooms in your house probably 
don?t provide the space you need. The reason you can get away with 
having such little equipment is that a lot of the pec, ab and leg 
exercises will be performed with just your bodyweight: press ups, 
sit ups, sissy squats etc. Make sure you have at least a space of 
ten foot by six foot to exercise in.

As you get better though you will start to want to add more items. 
Probably the next item to get is a bench. These can fold up to be 
hidden behind wardrobes and will give you a platform for which to 
practice many of your exercises. You can use them for dumbbell 
presses, pec flies, isolation curls and more and it will make all 
of these things more effective. Furthermore, if you buy one that 
has an adjustable incline, you can use it to train the muscles at a 
different angle adding variation to your sessions and shape to your 
physique. If it has pads for your legs you can also use this 
incline to do incline sit ups, crunches or leg raises.

The next port of call once you have a bench is a barbell. These 
come later on as most of the exercises can be performed similarly 
with dumbbells. However a barbell will give you facilities to do the 
proper compound movements as they were intended ? the squat, the 
deadlift and the bench press (along with your bench). Depending on 
the weight you?re using however you may also need a rack for both 
the squat and bench press to support it while you add weight and lift
it into position.

An alternative to getting a barbell and weights rack is to purchase 
a multi gym which will handle the process for you. These can range 
in price and take up various amounts of space. However they will 
greatly increase the range of exercises you can do ? both free weight
and resistance machine operated. Things to look for are a lat pull 
down, chest press, pec dec, leg extensions, hamstring curl and a 
cable at the bottom for cable curls and rows. If the multi gym has 
all these things then it's a worthwhile purchase.

Save Hundreds, Build Your Own Power Rack / Multi-Gym
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Perform over 10 exercises, bench press, squat, T- bar row, cable 
rows, standing calf machine lat pulldowns, tricep extensions, 
standing cable flyes, partial lifts, cable abdominal crunches, cable 
side laterals, hanging leg raises, chins, cable bicep curls, bent 
over cable laterals, incline bench press, and more.

Safety bars eliminate need for spotter, all materials can be 
obtained from your local lumber yard and industrial supply 
outlet. There is absolutely no welding Required.

Fully detailed plans, diagrams and drawings. Construction is 
simple and quick, no special skills required, can be built for a 
fraction of the cost of commercial power racks and does more.

For full information go to Home Gym Plans

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Building a Home Gym

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