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     Fitness Tips For 4/16/2014

What To Do After A Carbohydrate Binge

How to slow down carbohydrate absorption Everyone does it now and then blows it big time and eats those sugary, unproductive carbs. One bodybuilder (a professional, no less) was caught after a contest with an entire box of doughnuts, which he had eaten all in one sitting. You may stumble yourself when someone brings that plate of homemade brownies or fudge and you have to try a piece, or more. This slip in your dietary resolve is exacerbated if you happen to have that load of sugar by itself. You have put a heavy duty amount of sugar into your system and are now facing the roller-coaster ride of a huge pike in your blood sugar levels, followed with just as big of a drop. And the resulting chaos in your system is that a lot of calories are going to be stored as fat. There is a way to address the issue and prevent your body from taking a big hit from the excess sugar. How? With the strategy of covering your sugary carbs with fibrous carbs. And how does that work? If you simply add some carbs high fiber carbs right after eating a high sugar food, you can put the brakes on the rollercoaster. If you immediately follow a sugar-laden food with a substantial amount of fiber, you cause the body's digestion sytem to slow down, and you co-mingle the sugar with the fiber, which doesn't allow the sugar to act like a runaway train in your system. Further, you also help satiate your stomach as well. When you eat sugar heavy foods by itself, you tend to tempt your body to eat even more sugar. That's why the bodybuilder ate 24 doughnuts. The body doesn't signal the appetite it is full when empty, sugary calories are consumed. But when you add fiber to the equation, you provide that fullness signal to the appetite, helping you stop the sugar consumption. A key factor is getting enough fiber to mix with that sugar. How much? A minimum of five grams of fiber is a good starting point. An apple, for instance, contains at least five grams of fiber (larger apples include more). Or several figs add up to more than five grams of fiber. Another option is a fiber supplement, where you can quickly whip up 10 grams or more in a drink and provide instant fiber. Covering your carbs is a simple but effective way to prevent your body from taking a full hit from a sugar blast. Try it the next time you slip up and eat too much sugar. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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What To Do After A Carbohydrate Binge

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