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     Fitness Tips For 1/26/2011

Cheat Reps Bodybuilding

What are cheat reps?

Cheat reps are additional repetitions at the end of a set of exercises
in which the engaged muscles become too fatigued complete a motion, 
meaning that the exercise must either be completed with assistance or 
the weightlifter must sacrifice proper form to complete the motion. 
Cheat reps are a controversial practice, while many bodybuilders 
bemoan cheat reps as ineffective or potentially dangerous, many 
others see value in the practice.

Are bodybuilding cheat reps good?

Certainly, occasional inclusion of cheat reps in a workout plan can be 
an effective method in pushing one’s limits. Cheat reps occur when the
bodybuilder reaches the limits of his or her body, and exercising 
outside of one’s "comfort zone" is the best method to build strength. 
An additional benefit of cheat reps is the engagement of secondary 
and tertiary muscles during an exercise. With cheat reps, the 
lifter’s body must supplement the strength of the primary muscles 
involved in the exercise with the support of other muscles around 
the body. 

There are, however, potential consequences to performing cheat reps. 
While exercising outside of one’s limits can help to quickly build 
strength, there is also a significantly higher risk for injury. 
Under intense stress, muscles are much more vulnerable to tearing 
and cramping. Breaking proper exercise form is also a dangerous 
consequence of cheat reps, as the weightlifter can be prone to a 
variety of injuries while incorrectly performing an exercise. While 
performing cheat reps, great care must be taken to ensure safety, 
as you are significantly more vulnerable to injury during cheat 
reps than you might be under less stressful conditions.

Cheat reps may be a beneficial addition to your workout regimen, 
but the potential risks must be given proper consideration. Lifting 
weights is inherently dangerous and is only more so when you use 
poor form. Assistance from a trainer or workout partner should help
to reduce the risk of injury, however. If performed safely, cheat 
reps could give you the boost you need.

How to do a cheat reps set?

A weightlifter performing a cheat rep while curling, for example, 
would first do as many strict reps and he could, then when he was
unable to do any more strict reps he would do a few cheat reps
by leaning back and forward sligtly and using a little momemtem to
get the bar up but then lowering it slow and strictly. He would not
do more then 3 or 4 extra reps like this.

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Cheat Reps Bodybuilding

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