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     Fitness Tips For For 7/28/2010

Complete Dumbbell Workout Program
By David Morrow

Here is a great dumbbell workout program you can do, all you 
need a pair of adjustable dumbbell. This is a perfect workout
for when you are on vacation, away on business, or when you 
just want a break from your regular workout.  Some of the 
exercises will be in the high rep range … but that is what
makes it different and fun.

Your entire body is trained over a three day period, and then
the three workouts are repeated and you then take the seventh
day off.  

Workout 1 is your push workout.  First you will do push ups.  
For 10 minutes, perform as many sets of push ups as you can, 
doing as many reps each set as possible.  Rest only 30 – 60 
seconds between sets.  If you need to, place knees to the 
ground to get more reps out of the last set or two.

Next do dumbbell press over head.  Four sets with doing as 
many reps you can do for each set. Then do, tricep kickbacks, 
four sets for maximum reps.  Overhead extensions can be 

Workout 2 is your pull workout.  First you will do dumbbell 
rows.  The same as you did with push ups, row for 10 
minutes, perform as many sets as you can for at least 20 
reps each set.  Row with both dumbbells at the same time.  
You can also switch the angles a bit and try some underhand 
grip rows.   Then switch to single arm rows.  Use a chair for
support.  Do four sets switching from one arm to the other 
for 10 – 15 reps each set. Next do bent over dumbbell 
laterals. Four sets of 12 – 20 reps.  Finish the workout by 
doing up with dumbbell curls.  Four to six sets of regular 
curls dumbbell or dumbbell hammer curls.

Workout 3 is your leg workout with some extra shoulder work.  
You will do a non-stop tri-set: dumbbell squats, dumbbell 
deadlifts and upright dumbbell rows.  Yes it's true, shoulders 
are trained twice on this program.  However, one day is with 
pressing, the other with pulling.  It’s a completely different 
type of approach.

Perform 4 total tri-sets for a total of 12 sets.  

You can also add calves and abdominals to this workout if you 

This dumbbell workout program is designed to boost your 
metabolic rate and be an alternative workout when you need

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Complete Dumbbell Workout Program

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