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     Fitness Tips For 9/7/2011

Deep Squats Benefits

by Dwayne Hines

The Benefits of Squatting Deep

Do you squat deep? Not too many people squat, and those that do
usually don't go deep. Why squat deep?  After all, the deeper you go,
the more it hurts, right? Who likes to take the squat elevator all 
the way down with a heavy load – you have to come all the way back 
up, and that's tough.

Believe it or not, there is good reason to squat deep. First, it is
better for your legs to squat deep. A full range of motion translates
into a full range of muscle development. 

There is also the ACL argument. This comes about via the hamstrings 
involvement. The deeper your squat, the more your hamstrings become 
involved. Shallow squatting translates into very little hamstring 
participation in the exercise. It is vital to get the hamstrings 
involved in the squat because they actually take some of the strain 
off of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Squatting deep is better 
for not only building muscle, but also for the health of the muscles, 
joints and ligaments involved. 

Another issue that is involved in the depth of the squat is the 
hip/pelvis tilt. Unless you squat deep you won’t be opening up the 
hip/pelvis region to get that good, small tilt at the bottom of the 
movement. You want the hip/pelvis region to get that tilt for the 
best work in this region. A partial squat doesn’t set the hip/pelvis 
region up right, and over time may cause some issues in this area. 
That is, at the bottom of a deep squat, the hips posteriorly rotate 
– something they are prevented from doing with shallow squats.

How deep should you squat? The guidelines for powerlifting squats are
great for reaching a full squat.  These guidelines state "don't squat
down far enough so the hips and top surface of the legs are lower 
than the joint of the knee." That is, the back part of your leg has
to be lower than the upper part of your leg.  

Start squatting deeper your next time in the gym. tart lighter and 
get use to the depth, then start cranking the weight load up to get 
the full benefits of the squat.

Dwayne Hines is the author of "The Growth Zone" – a new approach to 
building mass muscle fast. See

And "Conditioning for Fighting" – a mixed training approach for those 
who want to improve their fight conditioning. See

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Deep Squats Benefits The Benefits of Squatting Deep

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