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     Fitness Tips For For 6/4/2010

Developing Muscle Strength and Muscle Mass

by Bob Firestone

I've come up with a method to fatigue the muscles with less w eight 
and seems to be effective at developing muscle strength and muscle 
mass. The work load is set at 40%-60% of the 1 rep max for any 
given lift. The concept came by default of being stuck with a pair 
light dumbells, and I was getting tired of doing 40 rep sets of 
curls, triceps extensions and lateral raises, which I performed 
without rest as a triset, with 30 seconds between each triset 
and doing up to 4 trisets for the workout. 

I thought about it, and based on what I've experienced and read about 
and correlated with research and experience, well, it occurred to me 
that there are several ways to increase the training effect. Increase 
the load. Increase the duration of each set. Increase the reps. 
ncrease the number of sets. Increase the rep speed. Etc.

So, here's my formula:

For example let's use a superset of arm curls and french presses. 
Let's use 40 lbs for both exercises. Set one: 8 curls followed 
immediately by 8 french presses....followed immediately, without pause 
by set 2 which is 12 curls and 12 FPs followed by set 3 without rest 
which is 15 curls and 15 FPs followed immediately by set 4 which is 20 
curls and 20 FPs. Now you can rest for 5 minutes before you do a 
superset of bench press and bent over rows, or push ups and pull ups, 
probably not performed in the same fashion, since that might cause the 
heart to get over worked, although someone could build up to it. But, 
that's another thing, because for me to get the most effective chest and 
back work out it helps to train the arms first, forcing the trunk 
muscles to do all the work of pressing and pulling, and in fact, I 
experience a considerable increase in amount of back muscle training 
that is accomplished by simply doing pushups when the triceps are 
previously fatigued.

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Developing Muscle Strength and Muscle Mass

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