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     Fitness Tips For For 6/9/2010

Eating For Health And Fitness

Smaller Portions

What we have been taught for years is to have breakfast, lunch and
dinner. What is starting to become common knowledge is to have 
smaller portions more frequently during the day. By doing this it 
helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable over the course of 
the day. By keeping your blood sugar levels stable throughout the 
day it helps to increase energy, and also aids in burning 
unnecessary f at. Even though you are having many small meals 
throughout the day, remember to keep them balanced with 
carbohydrates, proteins and essential f ats. 

It doesn't take much to live a healthy lifestyle, just smarter 
choices on a daily basis. We all have people that care about us, 
take the time to show them that you care about yourself as well. 

Fresh Is Bbest 

Raw and fresh fruits and vegetables have live food enzymes. 
Enzymes are the life force of the food. They unlock nutrients 
and assist in the digestion and absorption of foods.The simplest
way to understand this is to notice what happens to a piece of
fruit as it ripens. Once it is overripe the food enzymes go to 
work to "break it down" as it decomposes. Foods with enzymes 
aid in their own digestion within the body, thereby improving 
absorption of nutrients and elimination. Simply put, this is 
less stress on your body as it has to produce less enzymes for
the process of digestion and promotes intestinal health.


Planning and preparation is a big key to building those healthy
habits. Take a look at how you want your life to look in one 
week, one month and one year. Plan the actions which will get 
you to the goals that you have picked out for yourself. Planning
for meals will ensure that you are putting the proper foods into 
your body. Plan time to go to the gym or even go for a walk. 
If you don't set an exact time to work out it becomes very 
easy to put it off till later and even just not go at all. 

You can incorporate this preparation and planning into any 
aspect of your life. By doing this you will find that you 
have much more free time and less stress. 

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Eating For Health And Fitness

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