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     Fitness Tips For For 8/25/2010

Foods You Should Avoid

By Nick Philson

Did you know there are evil foods that you should try to eliminate 
from your diet completely?  These foods are so bad for you, they 
can cause you to get fat, give you diabetes, increase your risk of 
heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and stroke, 
and may eventually lead to early death!

You probably already know about the first one.  We all know by now
that processed sugar is really bad for you.  Sugar causes blood
sugar levels to spike rapidly, overloading the work the pancreas
has to perform to secrete enough insulin, and may eventually lead
to diabetes.

Sugar is hidden in all kinds of areas where you may not expect it. 
You probably already know you should cut down on things like cake,
cookies, ice cream, donuts, and other sugary sweets.  You probably
also know how bad sugary drinks like colas and other sugar-filled
drinks are.  Obviously most candy is very high in sugar.

But there are many other sources of sugar that you may not be
thinking about.  Ketchup is a condiment that many people use very
regularly, but it is very high in sugar.  There are sugar-free
ketchup varieties available, and while they are also high in
sodium, they are much better for you than standard ketchup.

Mayonnaise may contain high-fructose corn syrup, which is just as
bad for you as processed white sugar.  Most people are relatively
shocked to find out that mayonnaise contains corn syrup, as it is
supposed to be a low-carb food.

Other hidden sources of sugar include salad dressings, pickles,
sandwich fillings, many condiments, baked goods including many
types of sliced bread, and most canned and frozen convenience meals.

Bottom line: Always check food labels.

Some other foods are equally dangerous, and can seriously hamper 
fat loss.  Want to find out what they are?  Go to
The Diet Ultimatum

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Foods You Should Avoid

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