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     Fitness Tips For 12/4/2013

Building Upper Body Thickness

Tackling Upper Torso Depth Building a wide body is the goal of many guys, and it is an attainable goal if you work hard at it. But don't overlook the importance of depth in the process. That is, you don't want to disappear when you turn sideways, right? Muscle depth is as important as muscle width and for a balanced, symmetrical body it is vital to work on both depth and width. One of the top areas to target for building a thicker upper torso is the rear deltoid muscle. This section of the shoulder actually lies on the back side of the body, so when you develop it, the result is a thicker upper torso. This is a great area to thicken up as it makes the waist appear smaller when viewed from the side. It helps you develop the "V" shape from all sides of the body, not just the front. Rear deltoid training is fairly unique - you don't see too many people doing it anymore. However, working this area of the shoulder mucles pays off big time - it produces a mass of muscle on the back side of your upper torso that most people don't have developed. How do you work this unique muscle area? The exercise that works the rear deltoids most directly is the bent lateral raise. By bending forward at the waist, you move the action to the rear deltoid region as they go to work to lift the weight load. Bend down to a point that is slightly above parallel and raise a pair of dumbbells outward as far as possible to engage the rear deltoids. The key point in this movement is how high you get those elbows. Many people use a style of bent lateral raise where they lock the elbows and raise the dumbbell with the locked arm. This is okay in the beginning stages, but limits the amount of weight that can be used for the movement. There is no rule or reason to keep the elbow locked. Unlock it deliberately. By deliberately unlocking the elbows you allow much more weight to be lifted, and in turn build up the rear deltoid even more. Again, don't fall into the traditional trap of using locked elbows when performing the rear delt lateral raise. It will keep you stuck with the low end weights that will stall out your gains. Instead, go ahead and bend the elbows. Use a heavy dumbbell and really blast your elbow as far back as you can. For even more progress for building the rear delts, prioritize this type of training as well. Instead of putting it at the end of your shoulder training, start your shoulder training workout with the bent rear lateral raise. Perform 4 sets of 10 repetitions of this unique movement, then move on to your other shoulder exercises. By making building up your rear deltoids you will thicken your upper torso and make your entire body look much more powerful. Note: For more information checkout Fastest Muscle Growth Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Building Upper Body Thickness

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