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     Fitness Tips For 12/26/2012

How To Get Arms Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Austrian Oak also known as just Arnold has probably got the most
famous and without a doubt the most well-known arms in the world. In 
the 1960ís, 1970ís and even the 1980's his "guns" were helping him
win bodybuilding shows and making movies that were blockbuster hits 
all over the world.

Arnold will be the first to tell you that it all comes from hard work 
and correct training but the truth is also related to your own 
personal genetics that you have. However no matter what good or bad 
genes you may have in your makeup there are certain movements that 
can shape your arms. 

Cheating barbell curls were a favorite exercise that he included in 
his regimen from the time he started training. "The cheating barbell 
curl stands alone for building mass," he once stated. Likewise, 
Arnold loved incline dumbbell curls. He would set the incline bench
 to an angle of about 45 degrees to ensure maximum stretch throughout 
his biceps.

Arnold considered one-arm concentration curls to be the ultimate 
movement for adding peak to the biceps. Although the shape of one's 
biceps is largely determined by genetics as stated above, 
concentration curls do target the outer head of the biceps, which is
the one that creates arm height when flexed.

However it should be added here that the biceps constitute only 30% 
of the total size of your arms and if you want big arms you need to 
get strong triceps. Arnold used many innovative ways of increasing 
the strength of his triceps which have today become very well-known 

Your triceps are involved with any and all pushing movements and 
developing overall strength in your triceps is vital if you want 
to increase your bench-press max that you work with. There are 
some movements that you need to do that will isolate all three 
heads of your triceps individually.

From triceps extensions, French-press, close-grip bench-press, rope 
pushdowns, cable pushdowns and many others you need to experiment 
and see what works best for you. Finding a movement that gets you 
better results is something that should always be part of your 
training routine.

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Get Arms Like Arnold

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