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High Intensity Training For Bodybuilding

Mike Mentzer is a former world-class bodybuilder he won the 1978 
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     Fitness Tips For For 1/6/2010

High Intensity Bodybuilding

Here are some advanced techniques for seasoned bodybuilders. Use then when 
you feel as if you need a boost in the gym to promote muscle growth when 
your regular workouts just aren't getting results.

Increasing Intensity: The simplest way to increase intensity is to add 
more weight to the bar. This way "shocks" muscles to reacting and forces 
them to adapt to be able to handle heavier weights.

Shorter Rest Period: To maximize growth try reducing your rest time between 
sets. This way you shock your muscles into reacting to the added pressure.
So if you are resting 2 minutes between sets now reduce your rest period to 
1 minute between sets.

Partial Reps: This is when your muscle is exhausted at the end of a set, 
you continue the movement through half or as much as you can of it. It's 
simply a way of adding more intensity to a set than you wouldn't be able 
to do with the normal range of motion.

Pyramid Training: This is where you increase the weight and decrease the 
rep range in an exercise in each set of that exercise. Its called pyramid 
training and the idea is to add more "shock" to your muscles. Its a very 
commonly used technique and can be used more regularly than other advanced 

For example when doing lat pulldowns on a lat machine, do 12 reps with an 
easy enough weight for one set, for the next set do 10 reps with a heavier
weight, for the next set do 8 reps with an even heavier weight yet and 
finally for the last set do 6 reps with as much weight as you can handle. 

Stripping: This means at the end of a set when your muscles are giving out 
with fatigue, you stop and remove 20-40% of the weight of the bar or machine
and continue the exercise movement until you are again fatigued with that 
weight, then you take another 20-40% of the bar or machine and continue 
until you can do no more. By all means continue to keep removing weight 
as you see fit, its guaranteed to seriously work your muscles.

Compound Sets: Do two exercises for the same bodypart one after the other, 
with no rest in between.

Tri-Sets: Like compound Sets except you will be doing three exercises for 
the same bodypart back to back, with no rest in between.

Rest-Pause: Rest-Pause is where during a set when your muscle is fatigued 
you stop for a few seconds to catch your breath and let the target muscle 
rest a little, then you do more reps, etc. The benefit is that while you 
would fatigue quicker with a normal set, with rest-pause you take a 
slight break and can end up doing more reps per set thus working your 
muscle even harder.

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