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     Fitness Tips For For 5/26/2010

How do I lose the fat on my...

I get asked all the time:

How do I lose the fat on my stomach?

How do I lose the fat on my thighs?

How do I lose the fat on my arms?

How do I lose the fat on my hips?

These are the most common questions and misconceptions around. The 
fact is that there is no such thing as "spot reducing". You cannot lose
fat in any one area. Doing inner and outer thigh work doesn't give you 
thin thighs and doing sit ups doesn't give you the "six pack". When 
your body burns more calories than it takes in, it will then turn to 
use the stored energy in fat. It's as if, at the end of the day, your 
body requires that you pay for all of the activity you had that day. 
If you didn't take in enough calories to pay for it, then you have to 
go to the "fat bank" and make a withdrawal. Your body "withdraws" the 
fat fairly evenly throughout the body. It has nothing to do with where
 the work took place (i.e. abdominals in curl ups) Wherever you happen 
to carry the most fat cells will be the last place to get lean. This 
is because you never actually lose the fat cells, they just lose their 

So how do you decrease the fat cell size? How do you lose the fat? A 
combination of modifying your diet and increasing physical activity. 
Aerobic exercise burns the most calories per workout, so you should 
make that your priority. Aerobic exercise (cardio) is continuous 
rhythmic exercise using large muscle groups. Biking, stepping, swimming,
 walking, hiking, jogging, skating, aerobic dance, etc..... are all 
good aerobic options. Do the type of exercise that you enjoy most, vary
it so you get the most out of your workouts and won't become bored or 
overtrained. Sometimes people do the same workout all the time and they 
end up with chronic injuries. The American College of Sports Medicine 
(ACSM) recommends that aerobic exercise be done 3-5x a week for 20-60 
minutes. See the question above for recommended intensity levels of 
your Cardio (aerobic) workouts. If this type of exercise is new to you, 
focus on creating the exercise habit first. Try 10-15 minute daily 
exercise bouts at an easy pace. Gradually work you way up to twenty 
minutes. When you can comfortably do 20 minutes, then begin to increase 
your intensity. You should begin with a warm up of about 5-10 minutes 
and a cooldown of the same length. Warm up should raise your body 
temperature and slowly increase your heart rate and then the cooldown
will allow your body temperature to lower and slowly lower your 
heart rate. 

Strength Training is important too. It doesn't burn as many calories 
as Cardio, but it builds muscle. Having more muscle will make you 
stronger and help you burn more calories. The American College of 
Sports Medicine has recommended that the average person should do 
resistance (strength) training at least 2x a week, covering the 
major muscle groups, with one set of 8-12 reps to achieve basic 
health and fitness benefits.

Working the muscles builds strength and lean mass. As you gain 
muscle your body requires more calories just to exist. So you can
lose fat more easily. To best benefit your weight loss efforts, do 
sets with 8-12 reps. You need to be lifting (in perfect form) 
enough weight so that by the time you get to the 10th-12th rep, 
you could not do another good rep. If you can do 12 reps at that 
weight after 2 workouts then it is time to increase the weight 
a little bit. You may only be able to do 8 reps at this new 
weight but you will gradually work your way up to 12 reps and 
have to start the process all over. Remember that the more 
muscle you have the easier you will burn fat.

The less your total percent bodyfat is, the less fat in your 
"trouble" areas such as stomach, thighs, arms, hips, etc.

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How do I lose the fat on my stomach, thighs, arms, hips

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