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     Fitness Tips For 4/26/2017

How to Beat Carbohydrate Addiction

Our bodies are designed to be attracted to all carbs because they are our premium octane fuel that is used for all brain function. The problem is that when we start eating highly processed carbs we're sliding down a slippery slope because eating these processed foods will only trigger a stronger carb craving and suddenly you're addicted to carbs. Use these steps to start controlling your carbohydrate addiction: 1. Learn How To Trick Your Stomach The first step is to consciously drink more water; thirst is a very weak signal in the brain. When we think we are hungry we're actually dehydrated and need liquid. The second step is to eat more often and to eat more complex carbs that will take longer to digest. The more often you eat during your day the more stable your blood sugar will be, which will stop the sugar/carbohydrate cravings. 2. Eat Dietary Fat All dietary fats will trigger the closing off of your pyloric valve, which is the valve between your small intestine and your stomach. When this valve closes off the connection to the food you've just eaten stays in your stomach and will stay longer and get fully digested. It takes about 20 minutes after eating any dietary fat to get your pyloric valve to fully constrict. 7 to 10 grams of dietary fat are recommended to ensure your pyloric valve closes. 1 X Tablespoon Peanut butter or Almond butter 1X Handful Almonds 1 X Tablespoon Heavy Full Cream 1 X Tablespoon Coconut oil Half medium Avocado pear 3. Teach Yourself To Cycle Carbohydrates Carb cycling means you just need to restrict your favorite carbohydrate for a day or two before you eat them again. You simply restrict your calories every other day. It means you have to teach yourself to count calories. It's easier than it sounds because a boiled egg will always be 150 calories and a slice of bread will always be around 80 calories. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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How to Beat Carbohydrate Addiction

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