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     Fitness Tips For For 5/18/2011

How to Increase Your Metabolism Naturally

Your metabolism regulates and manages the "fuel" for your body, 
converting it to energy. Increasing your metabolic rate will help you
get leaner by burning more fat, and also will give you more energy.

Here are some tips on how to increase your metabolism naturally:

1) Always eat breakfast and do not skip meals. Be sure to eat 4 to 6 
smaller meals a day each about 2 to 3 hours apart.

2) Be sure to eat high protein foods such as egg, chicken, turkey, 
fish, etc.

3) Also include high energy foods, such as fresh raw vegetables and

4) Avoid sugar and other refined carbohydrates as these slow 
metabolism and encourage your body to store fat. 

5) Eat more spicy foods such as hot peppers because these help 
increase metabolism.

6) Increase your water intake. Your body needs a lot of water to carry
out all it's functions as well as remove toxins and waste products.

7) Do strength training at least 2 to 3 times a week. Building even a 
little more lean muscle mass increases the rate at which your body 
burns calories.

8) Also do cardiovascular exercise 4 or more times a week. Walking,
biking, swimming, etc. 

9) Get more sleep. Sleep rebuilds, rejuvenates and de-stresses you
and most people are not getting any where near the amount they really

10) Take supplements that help to stimulate your metabolism, such as 
the supplements that are in Thyro-Slim. 

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How to Increase Your Metabolism Naturally

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