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Product Reviewed: Pumped Extreme - Kre-Alkalyn Complex Creatine
Rating: 5 Star
Reviewer: Max Mussello

Out of all the Creatine's I've tried, from powdered monohydrate creatine
to fancy sounding pre-made stacks, this Kre-Alkylyn complex called 
Pumped Extreme is hands down the best ever. The first part of this 
creatine review will be a Pumped Extreme Review, because it is the best 
creatine supplement that I have ever tried and it has given me the most 
muscular gains!

Having a sensitive stomach and an aversion to putting chemicals or 
anything unnatural in my body, this was like a miracle solution for me! 
Pumped Extreme comes in a capsule format, and you can avoid all the 
common side effects associated with traditional creatine use such as 
cramping, diahrea, indigestion, anxiety attacks, etc. This was my 
experience anyway, and I cannot tell you that creatine works like 
illegal steroids, because it doesn't. I can tell you though that I 
have used many different brands in the past with minimal results, 
and now that I have used Pumped Extreme I have actually seen some 
great gains in strength AND muscle SIZE, and I haven't had any 
negative side affects! I have used it for over a month and a half 
to date!

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     Fitness Tips For 1/19/2011

Hyperextension and Reverse Hyperextension Benefits

Hyper Help

by Dwayne Hines

Do you want to improve your squatting capabilities? You should. Olympic
coach Harvey Newton notes that "the basic squat is the foundation for 
not only weightlifting but also nearly every functional athletic 
movement in sport today." Boyd Epley, founder of the National Strength
and Conditioning Association (N.S.C.A.) states in his book The Path to 
Athletic Power that "the squat is the best exercise to develop lean 
body mass." And at the core, thatís what its about, isnít it? Building 
lean body mass is the end goal, and the squat is the premium tool with
which to do it. Essentially, the best way to build big muscles is to 

If you want to maximize your squatting, a group you want to gain some 
insight from are the powerlifters.  Powerlifters squat with incredible 
tonnage and build up super powerful legs. Powerlifters employ the top 
techniques for squatting that is truly impressive. 

One of the techniques that some top powerlifters employ to benefit 
their squatting is to target the hamstrings. Top powerlifters, 
particularly those from Louie Simmonís famous Westside Barbell gym, 
have found a correlation between strong hamstrings and powerful 
squatting. The hamstrings, it turns out, play a key role in maximum
squatting (and deadlifting also).

To target the hamstrings, powerlifters employ a couple of types of 
hyperextension movements Ė the standard hyperextension, and the reverse

The connection here is that if you build up your hamstrings (via 
hyperextension and reverse hyperextension exercises), you will in turn
improve your squat, which in turn builds up lean muscle mass in the 

The hyperextension is familiar to many but the reverse hyperextension
is unique.  However, if you Google the term you can quickly spot 
several examples of how it is performed (via online videos, Youtube, 
etc.) that show how to perform it.

There are a couple of obvious takeaways here. First, if you are not 
squatting, you need to be. And second, add some hyperextension 
movements and reverse hyperextension exercises to your workouts.
Dwayne Hines is the author of "The Growth Zone" Ė a new approach to 
building mass muscle fast. 

And "Conditioning for Fighting" Ė a mixed training approach for those 
who want to improve their fight conditioning. 

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Hyperextension and Reverse Hyperextension Benefits

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