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     Fitness Tips For 9/8/2010

Hypertrophy Specific Training Review, Bryan Haycock HST

by Jim Ryan

Hypertrophy Specific Training, or HST as we will be referring to it, 
was developed by Bryan Haycock and is intended to induce the fastest 
muscle growth in the shortest period of time without losing muscle 
efficiency and without the use of anabolic steroids.

As we are aware there is a tremendous amount of science involved in 
bodybuilding, and this is certainly the case with HST. The concept 
was developed following some significant research into muscle 
hypertrophy and then converted into a strength training program, and 
follows some basic principles.

1: Mechanical Load

Tension loading of the muscles through exercise is an absolute must 
when it comes to inducing muscular hypertrophy. The thinking behind 
HST is that the heavier the load and the more you can incorporate 
all the major joints then the more muscle fibers will be used, 
thereby leading to the mechanical stress and micro trauma required 
for muscle growth.

2: Chronic Stimulation

The stimuli must be applied with sufficient frequency. This concept 
flies in the face of much of the traditional thinking. The established
consensus is that one body part is worked to exhaustion and then left 
alone to recover for a week before recommencing work, however, HST 
asserts that recovery can continue unabated even if the muscle is 
loaded again relatively quickly, say within 48 hours. 

3: Progressive Load

Over a period of time our tissues adapt to the mechanical loads we 
place upon them and become resistant to the tissue damage we require, 
and we plateau. The load must progressively increase on order to induce
hypertrophy, and to eliminate the possibility of muscle adaptation.

4: Strategic  Deconditioning

When the weight on the bar has increased progressively to the point 
where it becomes intolerable or indeed, perhaps more importantly, the 
risk of injury becomes too great then we decrease the load and frequency
and stop training for a period to allow the muscle to recondition. This 
gives the muscles time to reverse the adaptation so they can once again 
respond to hypertrophy training. The period of rest tends to come at 
the end of a 6-8 week cycle and is normally for a period of 9-14 days. 
During this rest period I would heartily recommend going out and having 
a good time, because you will have earned it!

There are a number of methods to utilize within HST and what follows is 
a brief overview. 

With HST it is suggested that you use compound exercises as opposed to 
isolation exercises. This ties in with the principle of mechanical loading. 
Ultimately HST is all about building the load, so the heavier the weight 
then the greater your results will be.

With the progressive increase in load you will also need to progressively 
decrease the rep range to fully see the benefits of HST. It is recommended 
that you decrease the rep range in two weekly blocks. This has the added 
benefit of making your program as easy to follow as possible. 

HST suggests 1-2 sets 3 times a week. This number is set low to accommodate 
the frequency required to induce hypertrophy, and over the course of a week 
you should not really notice any significant drop in volume.

Developing your own training plan utilizing the principles of HST is very 
much an individual thing. Work on your own current maximum loads and progress

My own opinion is that HST seems to represent the latest thinking in the 
world of bodybuilding and sits well with a natural approach to strength 
training, and is certainly worth checking out.

Visit Jim Ryan’s website at Build Muscle Mass

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Hypertrophy Specific Training Review, Bryan Haycock HST

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