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     Fitness Tips For 8/22/2012

Is Training to Failure Necessary?

Not to Failure Training, The Art of Holding Back

By Paul Becker

Nothing leads itself more to zealotism than bodybuilding. Such is 
their fervor that most bodybuilders would put themselves through 
almost endless torture if they though it would help them achieve 
their goals.

Many bodybuilding magazines and books say such things as, "Work 
every set as if it was your last", "Work as hard as humanly 
possible", "It's impossible to train too hard", etc, etc. While 
this many be entertaining and motivating, such advice taken 
literally can actually be a reason for not making progress.

You cannot force your body to gain and give your body no choice 
but "to grow of die" you body does have other choices and it 
will take them.

You must learn to work with your body, not against it, gains in 
muscle mass and strength must be coaxed not forced.

Of course each training session you should try to do a bit more 
in reps or weight than your previous session. If you are not 
able to do more your next workout or even worse not able to do 
the same as your last workout then you are overtraining by 
training too much, too often or too hard. 

Yes, you can overtrain by training too hard.

If you train "all out to failure" each and every workout you are 
more likely to hit a plateau and get stuck there.

But if you learn to hold back a bit each session "not training to 
failure", but while still out doing the reps or weight of your last
workout, you will avoid plateaus and gain at a steadier rate. 

Training to failure on every set of every workout is very hard on 
your body and becomes too exhausting. Also going to failure all the
time is bad for you psychologically, as each time you can't make a 
rep it is a loss and too many training loses build up which can 
make you feel like you are losing.

But, not to failure training allows you to increase reps and weight 
almost every workout and that makes for successes that make you 
feel like you are progressing (which you are).

Every bodybuilder wants to reach his or her goals yesterday and I 
understand and I feel the same way. But I now know that in my haste 
I trained too hard in the past and prevented myself from gaining.

For the best gains I have learned to cycle training intensity in 
the following manner, I take a full week off from training and then 
lower my poundages by about 30% and then slowly work back up to my 
pervious best with workouts that start easy and progressively get 
harder over time. 

When I reach my pervious best, I work hard to push past my highest 
ever by 10 to 30 pounds. Then I take another week off and start all 
over again.

For full details on how to make the fastest gains possible 
checkout the Truly Huge Bodybuilding Program

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Is Training to Failure Necessary

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