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     Fitness Tips For For 4/14/2010

Karvonen Target Heart Rate By Age

Finding Your Target Heart Rate Zone 

The Heart Rate Reserve or Karvonen Method

220 - your age = your Age Predicted Maximum Heart Rate (APMHR)
This is a prediction of the highest heart rate you can achieve.

Take your APMHR, subtract your Resting Heart Rate(RHR) The RHR 
should be taken first thing in the morning before you get out 
of bed.

This equals your Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) or the difference 
that you can make on your heart rate.
Take the HRR and multiply by .5
Add back your RHR to each and this will give you the lower end 
of your target heart rate zone.

Once again go back to your HRR and now you multiply it by .85
Add back your RHR to each and this will give you the upper end 
of your target heart rate zone. (50 and 85% as recommended by 
The American College of Sports Medicine)

For ease of taking your heart rate while exercising, divide 
those numbers by 6 so you can simply take a ten second pulse 

i.e. here's mine:
220 - 40(years old) =180(APMHR )
180 - 48(my RHR) =132
132 x .5 =66(HR diff.) + 48(RHR) =114
132 x .85 =112(HR diff.) + 48(RHR) =161
my target heart rate range = 114-161 beats/min.
or divided by 6 = 21-27 beats/10 seconds

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Karvonen Target Heart Rate By Age

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