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"Arnold Schwarzenegger called this the most crucial area for 
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Are You Spending All Your Time Working Every Muscle Area 
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Fail to get this area right and the rest of your training 
won't add up to much at all.  Unfortunately many people fall 
into this trap.

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     Fitness Tips For 4/9/2014

How to Work Out Lower Abs

lower abs workout
Frog-style Hip Roll Lower Abs Workout Do you work all your ab muscles or just half? Most people perform exercises that hit the upper abs, but neglect the lower abs. And that is a mistake as the lower abs need some work as well. Most traditional ab exercises primarily involve the upper ab area as the main mover. To get the lower abs involved, you need to specifically target them. One of the best exercises for hitting the low abs is the hip roll. This was a favorite of Vince Gironda, who knew a thing or two about the abs. The hip roll starts with your body in a supine position, legs crossed at the ankle, and thighs spread wide (making you look like a frog, hence the name). Place your hands under your glutes and pull your knees toward and then above your chest. Slowly roll the legs back down and repeat. This is just the initial point. Once you can perform this move on the floor, the next step is to do it on a bench. Let your glutes sit at the end of the bench, so that you can lower your legs below parallel with your body. Roll your hips up and bring the legs up to the chest, then slowly lower them down again. Move slow throughout the exercise. If you are going slow, you can actually feel the lower abs do the work. This is a tough exercise but the good news is that you don't have to do very many to get excellent results. No need to kill yourself here three or four sets of 8-10 repetitions will do the trick. Get in some low ab work a couple of times a week and make your low abs a positive instead of negative factor for your physique. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Lower abs workout, how to work out lower abs

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